Ashford Shaw Group

Ashford Shaw exists to meet ALL your investigative needs.  

With expert investigators from every discipline,  Ashford Shaw is able to provide our clients with the level of experience that is expected for their case.  All of our clients are special and each case will get the amount of attention and detail necessary.  WE GUARANTEE IT.  

The Ashford Shaw Group (ASG) was founded by Brian Knorr and Kent Ferrin.  Both Brian and Kent are retired California law enforcement officers with over sixty years of combined experience.  Brian and Kent have a number of investigators that work with them to provide any client with the level of experience needed to provide an expert opinion on their case.


 ASG can provide referrals from law firms whom we currently have working relationships with. ASG strives to maintain professionalism and integrity in our work product. The satisfaction, privacy and return of our clients is a top priority. We encourage you to meet with us or phone to discuss your specific needs and concerns.